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Job Opportunities

Hiring Researchers Now

Following up on price updates and trends across the different regions globally requires diligence. Automation of these research tasks is likely to demand human intervention for the foreseeable future; in other words, it will take people, and more particularly experts to gather and hone this data into reliable information.

Motorcycle Data Ltd is therefore always on the lookout for freelance researchers that are willing to perform the meticulous task of finding, interpreting and entering pricing data, as such preparing for use within our customers’ analysis. At this moment, we are looking in particular for freelance researchers to cover the markets below:

Open Job Opportunities

  • Freelance Motorcycle Pricing Researcher - Canada
  • Freelance Motorcycle Pricing Researcher - Japan
  • Freelance Motorcycle Pricing Researcher - Mexico

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The Power of data ...

The CORE BUSINESS of Motorcycle Data is collecting motorcycle prices and specifications in key motorcycle markets. We firmly believe that having ready access to reliable information lies at the basis of successful business decisions.

Just imagine how it would be if you would be able to analyze your motorcycles' pricing position, in real time, without having to first spend time looking for the factual information required. Now imagine that this information spreads across countries and continents.

Would this positively influence your path to decision making?

An International Team

A global team that cares!

Every day our international team of researchers works hard at obtaining relevant pricing and specification data. They do so for the popular brands of new motorcycles for sale in the most relevant markets globally.

After carefully honing this data, Motorcycle Data provides its customers with this information either through our online analytical tools or as a data feed into their own business information systems.


A unique repository and more!

The data we offer is first-hand product information, collected by our own researchers. Although this information upon retrieval exists in the broadest variety of forms and shapes, the single aim of the research process is to transform this information into a uniform format, made suitable for comparison purposes. All queries, analysis and reports extract their data from this unique repository.

Whereas some customers feed our product data directly into their business systems, we have in addition, designed our own analytical software platform. This powerful toolset provides instant access to all of the information stored in our international data repository.
We call this platform the Analyst Workbench and it provides the analytical tools to instantly perform relevant product/market comparisons which can be mixed with your own business criteria and parameters.

The free tools that we offer aside, all of our data is subject to a license fee. The license costs depend on the length of the license period and the width and depth of the data sets acquired.

In summary

  • a unique international repository of motorbike data
  • first-hand only information for prices and specifications
  • current and historical data
  • access through analytical software or data feed
  • allows reporting and analysis across countries
  • a secure platform open to bespoke customer systems
  • can be licensed for one-off use or on subscription basis

Analyst Workbench

Analyst Workbench

A powerful application connected to a unique motorcycle data repository, build especially for motorcycle professionals.

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Purchase market reports

Purchase market reports

Buy national price lists and comparison reports in PDF format. Historical price lists are available too!

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