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An analyst's time is better spent analysing

You know what it's like, before even getting to the task of checking how any of your motorcycles is comparing against its competitors there is tons of data to be be gathered from all kinds of sources. It delays when you can start analysing and in turn when you can present the result.

That would definitely be a lot easier if one could find it all in one place. Better even if all of that information were to be comparable to begin with.


Key features

The application provides the analytical tools to instantly perform relevant product/market comparisons. The data included in this service is strictly first-hand obtained from the motorcycle manufacturers and honed to perfection by our own research team.

  • international database with prices and specifications
  • historical prices
  • analytical tools
  • version selection
  • side-by-side comparisons
  • value based comparisons
  • vehicle segmentation
  • query builder
  • listing reports
  • data export
  • easily accessible for one-time and first-time users
  • perform analysis between models in different countries
  • full user control of all analysis parameters
  • browser based online application, no installation required
  • secure platform open to bespoke customer systems

In all a powerful application connected to a unique motorcycle data repository, build especially for motorcycle professionals.




  • 1 user
  • 1 benchmark model
  • Unlimited versions
  • 6 competing brands
  • Single country database
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Weekly plan


  • 1 user
  • All popular brands
  • Unlimited versions & brands
  • Multiple country database
  • (*)Price per country
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  • 5 users
  • All popular brands
  • Data export feature
  • Multiple country database
  • (*)Price per country
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  • 10 users
  • All popular brands
  • Data export feature
  • International database (6 countries)
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Wide range of possibilities

Our devoted team of researchers maintains this vast repository of motorcycle information on a daily basis. The tools connecting to it are able to make relevant analysis and, in more advanced application, they facilitate for the data to be easily transferred onto a spreadsheet.

Analysts using the Workbench application have full freedom selecting vehicles, can determine which data needs to be analysed and level of detail. Users can save created reports for later use and apply proprietary business rules as parameters for the analysis process.

Finally we are proud of the fact that we receive excellent feedback from our customers regarding the support that accompanies our data and services.

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