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Key features

An A4-sized printed publication with list prices of motorcycles from 125cc upwards and this for the most prominent motorcycle markets and countries. Presented in such a way that one can easily compare the recommended retail price of the motorcycles between countries. In addition this list provides information about the availability of ABS, its option price where applicable and an indication of any recent price changes. This publication is available either with prices converted to Euro or to US Dollar.

  • A4-sized printed publication
  • landscape orientation, top bound
  • versions down the page, countries across
  • information included
    • header per brand
    • model and version denomination
    • mention of engine cc, hp and model year
    • ABS availability and option price
    • mention of alternative model name
    • any recent price changes in percentages
    • tabel with applied currency exchange rates
    • available in Euro or US Dollar
  • layout aimed at easy comparison of prices
  • even when models are different between countries they still appear together
  • choice between monthly or quarterly issues

A unique concept in global motorcycle price information designed for motorcycle professionals.





  • 1 issue
  • June 2016
  • 95 pages
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  • 1 issue
  • 5 countries
  • Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK
  • Currency Euro
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  • 1 issue
  • 9 countries
  • Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK
  • USA, Brazil
  • China, Indonesia
  • Currency Euro or US Dollar
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Monthly Europe


  • Subscription monthly issues
  • 5 countries
  • Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK
  • Currency Euro
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Cross Reference

Why use this cross reference?

We believe that, when the need arises to compare motorbike prices across countries and continents, that by combining reliable data with a clever way of linking vehicles globally and subsequently presenting this information in a clear format, the time to reach a decission can be reduced substantially.


How do we achieve that?

First, from our proprietary database we extract, from a selection of 9 countries across Europe, Americas and Asia, the recommended retail prices and ABS availability for all models and versions.

Next, we group these vehicles by model using a unique linking key origination from the collective global knowledge of our research team and convert all prices to a single currency of your choice.

Finally, we line up these prices side by side under their respective country headers, adding a note about any recent price changes and where needed the option price for ABS.

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